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God's Love Letter # 2

Did you understand the first letter all right? Please ask a question about anything you don’t understand. In this second letter, it would be helpful to look at something the first man and woman did.

The Creator gave them a place to live in a beautiful garden called the Garden of Eden. They had everything they needed to be happy. The Creator was their Teacher. They knew very little about the world in which they lived, but the Creator knew all things. His desire was to teach them the right way to think, the right way to do things, and the best way to use the things He had given them. If they were willing to listen to His words and obey them, then they would learn many valuable lessons. If they did not learn to obey His teaching, they would make many painful mistakes. Their relationship with the holy God would be broken, and God would punish them.

To begin His teaching, the Creator gave them a rule to follow. They would be allowed to eat any of the food growing in their home, the Garden of Eden. But the fruit on one tree, they would not be allowed to touch or eat.

If they obeyed the Creator, they would show their love for Him. If they disobeyed their Creator, they would show that they did not love Him. Then, their friendship with Him would die. The Creator loved them and wanted very much for them to choose to love Him and obey Him. He wanted very much to teach them how to live a very happy life on the earth.

Soon a very unhappy thing happened. One of the angels whom God had created before the world was made did not love the Creator of all things. He wanted to turn the first man and woman against their Creator. He did not want them to love their Creator or obey Him. He began to whisper lies in the ears of the first woman, Eve. She believed the lies. Then she caused her husband, Adam, to believe the lies.


Read Genesis chapter 3, verses 1–24.

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