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Jesus -- the Messiah

I am glad you signed up to receive "Jesus, the Messiah”

Over the next 34 days we will be seeing how:

  • Jesus Sets Out for Battle

  • Jesus Begins to Establish the Kingdom of God

  • Jesus Brings in a Kingdom of Love

  • Jesus Calls for Commitment

  • Jesus Calls for an Attitude of Service

  • Jesus Heads into the Final Battle

  • Jesus Wins the Victory

You will be looking at the Gospel of Mark.  This is an authoritative account of the life of Jesus.

The gospel books of the New Testament in the Bible are the accounts of Jesus’ life. Jesus was a teacher and healer. He was the Presence and Voice of God's Love.

Each of the gospel writers presents different details about what Jesus did and said. The basic story is the same, but each writer’s focus and purpose in writing is different. In this series of emails, you will read the account given by Mark. Mark does not record much of Jesus’ teaching. He focuses on Jesus’ battle against evil and His call for us to do the same.  Jesus leads His followers in a struggle for righteousness and to defeat evil.  But Jesus does not defeat evil by violence, He defeats it by love.  This is what it means that Jesus is the Messiah.

I want you to know that you can email at any time with your questions.  I will respond as quickly as possible.

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