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God's Love Letter # 1

I am convinced that all people want to live a happy life that does something to help other people. So many people seem to miss this kind of life that I would like to make some helpful suggestions. In my heart, I feel that the One who made all of us also wants us to live a happy life—loving, caring and helping.

Would you like to live this kind of life? I do. I don’t like hating, killing, stealing, telling lies, cheating, having sex outside of marriage and so many other bad things that produce a very poor quality of life.

To begin with, I believe that I should understand where I came from and who made me. God’s Word tells me that God Himself is the Creator. He made every person who has ever been born on the earth. He made all things that make up the earth, as well as the whole universe. In other words, all things belong to Him. I have no right to feel that they belong to me. Since all things belong to Him, He will have a time of accounting concerning the things He allows me to use while I live on the earth.

Next, I need to understand that the One who made each one of us has a plan for the life of each one of us, including you and me. It is a good plan. It gives us assurance that someone is guiding us. It takes away fear that something bad might happen to us. It gives us good work to do as long as He allows us to live on the earth. He loves us and already has a good place prepared for each one who will love Him and allow Him to do the guiding. He tells us that He will come personally to take us when the time comes for us to leave the earth.

Please let me know what you think about these suggestions.


Read Genesis chapter 1, verses 1–31; Genesis chapter 2, verses 1–25; and John chapter 14, verses 1–6.

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