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God's Love Letter #10

Were you surprised when you read our last letter and learned what our ancestors were planning to do? They had a wild idea of doing something that was very foolish. God wanted them to spread out over all the earth and continue to enjoy the things He had created for them. By choosing to obey God, they could understand how to live and what to do. Instead of choosing to do that, they foolishly tried to prove that they were as great as God.

It is not surprising to see that God did not like what the people were doing. Again, He knew He had to do something to teach them and cause them to change their minds and hearts. This is what He did: God caused the people to begin to speak different languages. Then, they could not understand one another. There was only confusion each day as they tried to continue building the great tower that would reach to heaven.

The people who could speak the same language formed one group and began to move away. People who could speak other languages did the same thing. After a time, work on the tall building stopped completely. The people who were left looked at the deserted building and named it the Tower of Babel, which means the Tower of Confusion.

God’s plan for the world continued to develop as people began to live in many different places. As people discovered nice places to live, they built villages and cities. They learned how to do new things. But the people began to do strange things.

People everywhere began to make various kinds of things and call them gods. Each group of people gradually created their own list of gods and gave them names. They did not realize that the one Creator God had made them with a desire in their hearts to look to Him for help.

Read Genesis chapter 11, verses 1–9.

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