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God's Love Letter #11

Did you realize the one true God who makes all of us puts something special within the heart of each person? He puts spirit into every person He creates. This makes us different from other living creatures on the earth. This makes us higher than anything else God creates. We can talk with God; we can learn from God and understand that the unseen future for all things lies in His hands.

We call that worship. Mankind knows that there is a power above us, greater than we are. So people everywhere want to look up, trust and give praise to something. We call that worship.

This desire has been demonstrated in the lives of people since the beginning of the world. Early people began to worship the things God created but did not know God Himself. They began to worship the sun, the moon, stars, animals, birds, fish and many other things God had created. They invented gods of the rivers, mountains, trees, soil, seasons and many other things they could see around them. They even began to make gods out of their leaders—kings, emperors and chiefs.

The people failed to see that all of these things they worshiped could not help them. They were blind to the fact that figures made out of wood, glass, iron, silver, gold, stone or other created things are not living and could not help them.

Since the world began, the one true God has been patiently working to help people see their great mistake. He is still working today to draw people to Himself. He does not force people to come to Him and treat them like robots or puppets. He uses love to attract them to Himself. He gave us the greatest example of love the world has ever seen. Then, each person must choose for himself who will be his God—the one to whom he or she will look to for help, and the one to whom he or she will be loyal.

Read Isaiah chapter 40, verses 18–31.

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