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God's Love Letter #12

I would like to share with you an account or description of a great event in the history of the world. It tells about something God Himself did for us.

When Jesus, God the Son, lived on the earth, He said, “If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to Myself.” When He said this, He was teaching us that He would give His life to help us. He would offer His own body as a sacrifice to pay for our sins (the things we have done to disobey God). He would show everyone in the world that He loves every person He has created.

This great event happened one day on a small hill just outside the city of Jerusalem in the country of Israel. Jesus Christ, who is God the Son, was about to be nailed to a large cross made of wood. He had told the people about God the Father and how He wants us to love one another. He had done great miracles for everyone to see that He is God the Son—that He had been sent to live on the earth by God the Father. The religious leaders were very jealous and had had Jesus arrested by Roman soldiers. Now He was about to be executed in the presence of many people who came to watch Him die.

Because Jesus Christ is one God with His Father in heaven, He knew that He would die like this one day. He had told the people that He would give His own body as a sacrifice for their sins. Then, on the third day after His death, He would rise to life again from the grave.

Things happened just like Jesus said they would. He was terribly beaten, cursed by many people, spit upon and ridiculed. He was nailed to the wooden cross where He hung until He was dead. He was buried in a cave-like grave carved in the side of a mountain. A huge stone was put over the entrance to the grave. Then, on the third day after He was buried, He rose from His grave alive, so that everyone could see Him.

Read Isaiah chapter 53, verses 1–12; and Philippians chapter 2, verses 5–11.

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