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God's Love Letter #13

What do you think of Jesus after you read about the great thing He did for you, your family, for Evelyn and me and for all people in the world? We are very, very thankful that we will not have to be judged as guilty people who must pay for our sins. Giving His life for us was a painful thing to do, but He did not change His mind and decide to escape that punishment. We cannot help but love Him and trust Him to do all the things He promised to do.

As we learned, He rose to life again after being killed. He remained on the earth 40 more days after He rose from the grave. During that time, He taught His followers and gave them encouragement. Then He returned to be with His Father in heaven. As He was leaving, He promised those with Him that He would return to the earth at some time in the future.

Jesus explained, while He was on the earth, that He came to be the Sacrifice for the sins of all people. He also explained that when He returns to the earth, at some moment unknown to the world, He will come as the Judge of all people. He warned all people to be ready.

During the time of Noah, nobody but Noah believed what God was telling them. Everybody except Noah’s family refused to believe God or obey God. For their wrong choice, they died. It is easy to see that most people today do not believe what God is telling them.

God tells us that He delays the return of Jesus for a purpose. Jesus could have returned last year, but He chose not to do it. Many people would not have been ready. He loves all people and does not want anyone to face eternal punishment because of unbelief or unwillingness. One by one, people must choose. The best time to invite Jesus into your heart is now.



Luke chapter 19, verse 10;

Acts chapter 1, verses 9–11;

Matthew chapter 25, verses 31–46.

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