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God's Love Letter #14

Is it true that those who insist on following Satan will be punished? Yes, Adam and Eve had to be punished after they chose to disobey God. They were sent out of the beautiful home that God had given them.

Were the people who lived in the time of Noah punished for turning their backs on God? Yes. They chose to laugh at God and the man who was obeying God, and they were completely destroyed in a great flood that God said He would send.

What happened to the people who wanted to build a tall tower so they could reach up to God and make fun of Him? God stopped their foolish action by causing them to speak different languages. They could not understand one another, so they gave up the rebellious plan they had.

History tells us that people on the earth continued to choose Satan instead of choosing God as their Leader. The time came when God announced to the whole world just how His plan would continue to develop. He found one man, whose name became Abraham, who loved Him and wanted to obey Him. God announced that He would build a large nation of people who love God as Abraham did.

He would start with Abraham. The members of this large nation would have faith in God just as Abraham had. Through this nation, God would do a great thing that would be a blessing to the whole world—to every country and nation on the earth. Abraham believed God, even though he did not know what this great thing would be. Abraham believed that God is living, that He has all power to do whatever He promises, and that God loves all people.

It is a wonderful experience to follow God’s actions, as recorded in world history.


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Genesis chapter 13, verses 1–18;

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