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God's Love Letter #16

Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, faced a very sad situation. One of Jacob’s 12 sons, Joseph, was his favorite. The other sons were jealous of Joseph. One day Joseph’s brothers came in and reported to their father that Joseph had been killed. Actually, they had sold Joseph as a slave to a group of businessmen who were traveling to Egypt. Jacob immediately began to mourn for his lost son. For many days, Jacob was extremely sad.

Jacob did not know that God was looking into the future and had a plan to save Jacob and his family from dying. A bad famine came to Jacob’s country. There had been no rain for a long, long time. Food became very scarce. Something had to be done. If food could not be found, all of these descendants of Abraham would die. There would be no one left alive to make the family grow larger and larger, as God had promised.

In searching for food, Jacob sent his sons to Egypt with some money to try to buy enough food for his family. When Joseph’s brothers arrived in Egypt, they discovered that Joseph had become governor of the whole country. His brothers thought they had sent Joseph away so they would never see him anymore. But God had protected Joseph and put him in the place where he was needed.

Joseph, because of his important position in the government, arranged for all of Jacob’s family to make their new home in Egypt. There they would have food, beautiful grassy land for their animals, much pure water and good friends who would help them. Jacob’s family could increase in number.

After 433 years in Egypt, Abraham’s descendants had grown into a very large family—many thousands of people. Many things had changed for them. A new king was the ruler of the country. He knew very little about the descendants of Abraham who were now living in Egypt. He began to be afraid of them.


Read Exodus chapter 11, verses 1–10; and Exodus chapter 12, verses 1–51.

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