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God's Love Letter #17

Abraham’s descendants, the Hebrews, began to be a source of worry for the king of Egypt. They were foreigners who were increasing in number very fast. They might take over as the rulers of Egypt one day. The more the king thought about this danger, the more afraid he became. He began to make plans to prevent this problem from getting bigger.

First, the king instructed his helpers to kill every Hebrew boy baby at the time of his birth. Second, the king began to make these foreigners do very hard work so that many of them would die.

These foreigners were God’s chosen people. Because of Abraham’s faith in God, God had chosen Abraham’s descendants as the people who would take the message of God’s love to the whole world. He would not allow His people to be destroyed. God began to develop His plan to save the Hebrew people from death.

To prevent their boy baby from being killed by the Egyptian soldiers, one Hebrew family hid their baby. For three months, the baby was carefully hidden. When it became too difficult to hide the new baby boy, God instructed the mother on the way to save her baby.

The Hebrew mother made a little basket for her baby. She prepared it so that it would float on water without sinking. Then she put her baby boy in the basket. She instructed her young daughter to float the basket in the water on the edge of the Nile River. The king’s daughter came to that same place to take her bath each day. The mother prayed that the king’s daughter would discover the baby and want to keep him as her own child.

The little Hebrew girl obeyed her mother. Then she hid in the tall grass growing at the edge of the river and waited for the king’s daughter to come.


Read Exodus chapter 1, verses 1–22; and Exodus chapter 2, verses 1–25.

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