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God's Love Letter #18

We can look at world history and easily see the hand of the living God at work in the lives of people. He is aware of the things that are going on in the life of each one of us. His plan for the world will not be cancelled or overpowered by any force.

God’s guiding hand protected the little Hebrew baby boy who was put into a basket and allowed to float on the water. The king’s daughter came to the river with her personal attendants, discovered the baby, and immediately loved him. She named him Moses. After he was weaned from nursing from his mother, the king’s daughter took him to live in the palace of the king. Moses grew up in the palace, receiving the finest education Egypt could give him.

One day, when Moses was 40 years old, something happened to take him away from Egypt. He was walking around to see how the Hebrews were being treated. He saw an Egyptian man beating a Hebrew man until he was dead. Moses became very angry and killed the Egyptian man. The king heard what Moses had done and began looking for Moses to kill him. Very quickly, Moses left Egypt to escape the anger of the king.

Moses continued traveling until he came to another country named Midian. While in Midian, Moses was given a job taking care of sheep belonging to a man who believed in the one true God. The man, named Jethro, gave one of his daughters to Moses to be his wife. For 40 years, Moses worked for Jethro, taking his sheep to places where they found grass to eat.

During the 40 years that Moses worked to care for sheep, he could not forget his people in Egypt. He remembered how they were being beaten, killed, and treated badly in many ways. He remembered how God had chosen the Hebrews to do a special job. He wondered when God would lead them to the land He had promised them as a home.


Read Exodus chapter 2, verses 1–25.

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