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God's Love Letter #19

A strange burning bush attracted Moses as he was leading his sheep near the edge of a high mountain. The bush was burning, but it was not being burned up. He walked toward this strange sight to get a closer look. As he came very near the bush, an angel of God spoke to him and called his name, “Moses, Moses!” Moses quickly answered and said, “Here I am.” The angel replied, “The place where you are standing is a special place. Take off your sandals.” Moses did as he was told.

The angel then assured Moses that God had not forgotten the suffering of the Hebrew people in Egypt. He told Moses that God planned to send him to Egypt to lead the Hebrews to the land God had promised to Abraham and his descendants.

This would be a big and dangerous job. Moses was afraid he could not do it. He began to tell God all the reasons why God should choose someone else to lead the Hebrews. God reminded Moses that this is His plan, and He would be with Moses through everything.

Moses did not know that God had been preparing him for many years to be the leader of the Hebrews. He had saved Moses from death when he was a baby. Moses had received the best education that Egypt could give him. Then, for 40 years, Moses had led his sheep over the same area where the Hebrews would have to travel. Moses had become accustomed to the way of life necessary for walking through wild and rough land.

After Moses had talked with God’s angel for a while, he became convinced that he should not be afraid to do what God was sending him to do.

Today we have learned that it is far better to do what God asks us to do. No matter how big the change will be, God will go with us. He is always preparing us for the next step.


Read Exodus chapter 3, verses 1–22; and Exodus chapter 4, verses 1–31.

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