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God's Love Letter #20

Moses and his brother, Aaron, stood in front of the golden throne where the king of Egypt was sitting. In their shepherds’ clothes and sandals, they looked far different from the beautiful clothes worn by the Egyptians. God had sent Aaron to help Moses, because Moses felt he was not a good speaker. Moses was 80 years old, and Aaron was 83.

Together, these two men delivered God’s message to the king time after time. They told the king that God had instructed them to say, “Let My people go so they can serve Me.” Time after time, the king had said no. He did not believe that there was one true God over all things. He and his people worshiped idols that looked like fish, like animals, like part animal and part man. They worshiped many gods who were only imaginary.

Each time the king refused to let the Hebrews go out of Egypt, God brought suffering on the people of Egypt. Then God sent Moses and Aaron to deliver a final message because the king would not listen to God’s instructions. The final message was that God would send an angel in the middle of the night to kill the firstborn son in every Egyptian family, in the family of the slaves and among the cattle.

It happened as God said. That night there was crying and sorrow all over the land of Egypt as the families saw that God had the power to do everything He said He would do. When the king saw that his oldest son was dead, he knew that he must do as God had commanded him to do—allow the Hebrews to leave his country. He called for Moses and Aaron to come to him. He commanded them to take the Hebrews and all of their possessions out of Egypt immediately.



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