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God's Love Letter #21

God’s great power and His way of teaching are easy to see as we look at the way He protected His chosen people, the Hebrews. On the night that the firstborn sons of the Egyptians died, God did not harm the firstborn sons of the Hebrews.

That was God’s opportunity to teach His people a great truth. This truth is that the life of a living creature must be given to pay for the sins (disobedience) of people. When we disobey God, as Adam and Eve did, we are separated from God. We miss out on the abundant life that God offers us. To be joined to God again, the life of a living creature must be given.

God spoke to Moses and told him what to do to teach the Hebrew families on the night that the firstborn sons of the Egyptian families died. Each Hebrew family must kill a young sheep and spread its blood on the sides of the front door of their house and over the top of the door. This would tell the death angel not to disturb anyone inside the house. Each Hebrew family would then eat the meat of the sheep and be ready to begin walking out of Egypt in the middle of the night.

The Hebrew families did as God commanded them. Not a single Hebrew child died that night. They understood that the blood of the sheep protected them from death.

This has been God’s plan since the first people disobeyed Him. The blood of a living creature must be given as a payment for the sins that have been committed. God does not change His plan for this person or that person. At a time chosen by God Himself, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the lamb that was killed to pay for the sins of all people. Jesus allowed Himself to be killed as the payment required by God. However, God raised Jesus up to life again to show His great power and His great love for people in every tribe and country in the world.


Read Exodus chapter 12, verses 1–51; and John chapter 3, verses 1–36.

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