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God's Love Letter #22

The thing that happened on the night that the Hebrew people began walking out of Egypt is one of the great events in the history of our world. It is called “The Exodus.” More than 1 million people, with their animals and personal belongings, began walking as one huge group. Their leader, Moses, was walking also.

God showed the Hebrews the way He wanted them to go. Each day, He placed a large cloud in front of them, so Moses and all of the people could see it. Each night, He made the cloud bright like fire. Moses walked toward the cloud, as he led the people. When this huge mass of people reached a point on the edge of the Red Sea, God told them to stop and rest.

One day, while the people were resting, they looked in the distance and saw a large cloud of dust coming toward them. They began to hear a loud noise. Then they began to see clearly that the whole Egyptian army was coming to attack them. The people began to cry and scream and criticize Moses.

That was another opportunity for God to show His great love and His ability to meet our needs if we trust Him. He spoke to Moses. Then Moses spoke to the Hebrews and said, “Do not be afraid. Stand quietly and watch as God fights for you. The Egyptians you see today will be destroyed. You will never see them again.”

The big cloud that had been leading Moses moved to the ground around the Egyptian army. They could not see how to move. Moses held his large walking stick out over the water of the Red Sea. The water parted and made a dry road for the Hebrews. All of the Hebrews walked between the high walls of water on each side of the dry road. Later, the Egyptian army tried to follow the Hebrews, but the dry road disappeared. The Red Sea covered the whole Egyptian army, and it was completely destroyed.


Read Exodus chapter 14, verses 1–31.

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