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God's Love Letter #23

What did you think about the Lord God as you read the last letter? The Hebrews were very, very happy and believed that God was leading them. They had seen God do something that people cannot do. They were ready to continue following as God led.

After the miracle at the Red Sea, the Hebrews continued to follow Moses as Moses followed the way that God was leading him. The walking was difficult, but the people knew God was helping them. They had new strength and new hope in the future, which made them happy. They began to sing together.

As we look at those Hebrew people, we learn many things about ourselves. They were very happy, as long as things were going well. But after several days had passed, their food and water began to give out. They began to forget that God had saved them from the Egyptian army.

Soon, the Hebrews began to feel sorry for themselves. They were in a strange land, they were getting tired, and they were hungry and did not know how to get more food and water. They became angry at Moses and angry at God. Then God showed the people again that He loved them and was able to provide for the things they needed.

Late in the afternoon, God sent millions of birds to the camp of the Hebrews. It was easy to catch the birds and cook them over a fire. Early the next morning, God sent food that was similar to bread. This food was on the ground all around the camp. All of the people had to do was to go out and put the food in baskets. Then the Hebrews were reminded, once again, that God does not forget us. We simply need to trust Him, obey Him and follow in the way that He leads us.

This is a great lesson that God gave the whole world. He does not change. He loves us in difficult times, and He loves us in our happy times. We are the ones who change.


Read Exodus chapter 15, verses 1–27; and Exodus chapter 16, verses 1–36.

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