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God's Love Letter #24

What do your family and friends say when they read the history of our world and see the wonderful things God is doing? Thank you for translating the letters into Chinese for them.

It is hard to understand how so many different countries began to make idols to worship. They called these idols their “gods” even though the idols were dead things that could not breathe, think or talk. Different countries even began to worship various men who were human creatures just like us. This was not God’s plan; it was the plan of people who did not know the one true God personally. God still wants people to worship only Him and forget about false gods who are not living and cannot help them.

Moses continued to lead the Hebrew people away from Egypt as God showed him the way. They came to a large mountain named Sinai (SIGH-nih-eye). That was the same mountain where God had spoken to Moses from a burning bush. Then Moses remembered that God had said to him, “To show you that I am the one true God, you will come to this mountain when you lead the Hebrew people away from Egypt.” Then Moses saw once again that God can do anything He promises to do.

The Hebrews were just a large mass of people as they traveled toward the land that God had promised their ancestor Abraham. When they came to Mount Sinai, God showed Moses the next part of His plan. God was ready to bring these thousands of people together as one strong nation. He did something to help the people understand one another better and help them to feel that they were together under the leadership of the One who had created them.


Read Exodus chapter 19, verses 1–25.

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