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God's Love Letter #25

It is a thrilling experience to read about the way the one true God teaches us. When we are ready to get closer to Him and trust Him more, He is ready to give the things that will help us most. The Hebrews were ready to listen carefully to the things God wanted them to know. At Mount Sinai, God gave them rules or commandments to help them become stronger in their daily lives.

God called Moses to come up into the mountain alone. There He wrote on two flat stones the laws He wanted Moses to teach the Hebrew people. These laws are very special and are called the Ten Commandments. Here they are:

1. Do not worship or serve any god but Me. I am the one and only true God.

2. Do not make any kind of idol to worship. Those are dead things and cannot help you.

3. Do not use the name of God in a bad way. I love you, and I am a special person in your life.

4. Use one day each week as a special day for rest and for thinking about Me and ways in which I can help you.

5. Always give special thanks to your father and mother and treat them with great respect.

6. Do not murder another person.

7. Do not have sex with the husband or wife of another person.

8. Do not take things from another person without his permission.

9. Do not say things about another person that are not true.

10. Do not want things that belong to another person.


Read Exodus chapter 20, verses 1–26.

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