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God's Love Letter #27

Are you beginning to realize more and more that the one true God is the only God who is living and can help us? Any other god that people worship is not a living god. The one true God is not only living, but He knows that we need help every day if we are going to live a life that has meaning. We need to get help every day. We are not able to find the right way all by ourselves. He is able and wants to give us the help we need. (Read John chapter 15, verse 5.)

That is where the great battle in our lives takes place. Satan tells us that we do not need God. God tells us that He loves us and can give us all of the things we really need in life. So every person must make a choice. No other person can make a choice for us. Our parents cannot choose for us. Our relatives cannot choose for us. Our friends cannot choose for us. God has shown us that we do need Him. Every day He continues to do things to show us that He is the one true God—such as providing us with sunlight, air, water, and love.

Every day the one true God calls all of us to choose Him as our Leader. He calls and calls and calls. Many people in every country are choosing not to come to Him through believing in the Way He has appointed for us to come—Jesus Christ. Every day some people are choosing to come to God through His appointed Way—Jesus Christ. (Read Matthew chapter 7, verses 13–14.) One way leads to a wasted, disappointing life. The other Way leads to a meaningful life with great rewards. Which will you choose?

The culture we live in has a strong hold on our lives. The friends we choose influence our decisions. The decisions we make determine if we receive God’s help or do not receive God’s help. The privilege of choosing is a gift God has given to every person He creates. It separates us from animals. Exercising this privilege by choosing to let Jesus Christ be your Leader and Teacher will bring great peace to your heart.


Read Joshua chapter 24, verse 15; and Deuteronomy chapter 30, verses 15–20.

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