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God's Love Letter #28

God understands more than anyone else how difficult it is to make the right choice in life. Time after time, He did miracles to show the descendants of Abraham that there is only one true God. The people would then believe Him and thank Him. However, as soon as a difficulty would come into their lives, they would forget how great God is. They would try to solve their problems themselves and end up disappointed and empty in their hearts.

God was very patient with Moses as He gave rules for living to Moses. Then Moses had to be very patient with the people as he taught them the things God wanted them to do. After a period of time, God told Moses to continue leading the descendants of Abraham to the land that would be their home. God was still developing His plan for the world. He wanted the Hebrews (Israelites) to be His chosen people to tell the whole world about God’s love and God’s plan.

For 40 years, God led Moses and the Israelites toward the home He had promised Abraham and Abraham’s descendants. God was continuing to teach them every day. He continued to take care of their needs during all of this time. Even when the Israelites reached the edge of the country where they would live, God did miracles to show them that He is the God of all creation and can do everything He promises to do.

God is still patiently speaking to all people in every country, so they will know that He is the one true God. He does not want anyone to miss the wonderful life that He has planned for them in this world and in the world to come in the future. Read in the Bible Luke chapter 16, verses 19–31.

A happy thought comes into our hearts as we read about the way God continues to show us His plan. His love for us shows through the millions of things He does for us each day.


Read Deuteronomy chapter 4, verses 23–40.

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