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God's Love Letter #29

As we look around us, we can see that our world has been operating for many, many years. The one true God has been in control ever since He created the world and all things in it. Now, as we read about the things that happened to Moses and the people he was leading, we can see that God does have a plan for the people in the world. He patiently works out His plan year by year. Because Abraham believed in the one true God, he was given an important place in God’s plan. All of Abraham’s descendants were promised a country of their own in which to live. In their new home, they would be God’s chosen messengers to tell the world about God’s love.

God had chosen Moses to lead Abraham’s descendants to the land God had promised them. As the chosen people traveled toward their new home, God had led them to a special place, Mount Sinai, where He could teach them how to live better lives. He gave them commandments to follow or obey. Then, God showed them how to get to the land He was giving to them.

During the many years of travel, Moses had lived to be an old man. When Moses died, God selected another leader, Joshua, to complete the work of leading the people into their new homeland. Again, we see how God was patiently developing His plan for all of the people of the world.

The Bible, God’s message to the world, takes us step by step through many years to show us His plan. Because He is the Creator and Supreme Power over all things, His plan will not be defeated. In the letters still to come, we can learn from world history how God is rewarding those people who will open their hearts to Him.


Read Joshua chapter 1, verses 5–6.

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