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God's Love Letter # 3

Thank you for reading and thinking about these letters. Remember that they simply put into easy English the things that our Creator has already shown us.

One of the names given to the spiritual person who was made by the Creator of all things and who turned against Him is Satan. It was Satan who whispered lies in the ears of the first woman, Eve. He is very clever and convinced her that he was telling the truth. He is living today and continues to do the same thing to us.

Satan told Eve that her Creator was not telling her the truth. “You will not die if you disobey God,” he said. He told her she could love and worship anything beautiful, and the good food in the fruit would be better than anything else she had ever tasted. Besides all of that, if she ate the fruit she was not supposed to eat, she would know everything her Creator knows. She would not have to listen to Him or obey Him. She could teach herself. She would not have to depend on anyone else to teach her. She could do whatever she liked and refuse to do whatever she didn’t like.

After believing the lies that Satan had told her, Eve took fruit from the forbidden tree and ate it. Then she gave some of the fruit to her husband, Adam, who was with her, and he also ate the fruit.

Adam and Eve’s Creator loved them very much and came to visit them each evening in the garden. On the day they had eaten the forbidden fruit, their Creator came to visit them as usual. He did not see them because they were hiding behind some trees. As soon as they had eaten the fruit, they knew that they had done the wrong thing. They felt very ashamed of themselves. They did not want to see the One whom they knew loved them. Adam and Eve had broken the beautiful friendship they had enjoyed with their Creator.


Read Genesis chapter 3, verses 1–24.

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