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God's Love Letter #30

God continued developing His plan through Joshua after Moses died. Joshua had worked closely with Moses for many years. He had seen God do a great number of miracles for the Hebrews through Moses. He believed in God with all of his heart. God chose him as the new leader. Joshua asked God to help him as he began to lead the Hebrews.

The day came for Joshua to lead the people across a river into their new home. God told Joshua to move forward. Joshua looked and saw that the river was very wide. Much rain had caused the water to make the river wider than usual. He asked God for help, and God gave him all the help he needed. God stopped the water from flowing. He opened up a path through the water so that all of the people and animals could walk across on dry land.

After the great mass of people and animals had crossed over into Canaan, the new home for the Hebrews, God caused the river to begin flowing again. The people were amazed at this great thing God had done for them. They built an altar out of stones and had a ceremony to thank God.

Much work was ahead of the Hebrews as they prepared to occupy the land God was giving them. There were many people living there who did not believe in God. They were wicked people and were not interested in obeying anyone except themselves. They sacrificed babies to false gods—gods that did not exist. They robbed poor people of their money. They had sex with anyone they wanted and whenever they wanted. They did not want to listen to anything the one true God said.

As soon as the Hebrews crossed the river and entered the land God was giving to them, they had to face the enemy—those who hated God. A large city surrounded by a high strong wall was very near the place where the Hebrews had crossed the river. This wicked city, named Jericho, had to be destroyed.


Read Joshua chapter 6, verses 1–27.

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