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God's Love Letter #31

As we continue to look at God’s plan for the world He has created, we can understand why the whole city of Jericho had to be destroyed. There is no place in the world for persons who choose to disobey God. God is continually working toward a world where all people love Him and want to obey Him. By doing this, people can have peace in their hearts and love for other people. Those who reject God will themselves be rejected and punished. They will be destroyed.

When God sent the great flood in the time of Noah, He was punishing those people who chose not to trust in God. When God destroyed the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, He was punishing the people who refused to let God teach them. When God chose to start with Abraham and build a great worldwide family of believers, He made His plan for the world clear.

Now that the Hebrews were entering the new homeland that God had promised to them through Abraham, God was building a great nation of believers. He did not want the descendants of Abraham to begin marrying unbelievers—people who worshiped false gods. He did not want the Hebrews themselves to forget the one true God and begin worshiping idols. God wanted the Hebrews to remember that He had one plan to bring all people back into a close relationship with Himself. (Read in the Bible John chapter 3, verses 1–36.)

Joshua continued to obey God, as he led the Hebrews into the new homeland. God gave them many victories as they fought against the people who refused to follow God. From the victory at Jericho, God led Joshua and the Hebrews to have victories all over their new home.

It will be interesting to see how God continued to help His chosen people, Abraham’s descendants, in the struggles they had in their new home.


Read Joshua chapter 24, verses 14–24.

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