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God's Love Letter #32

After Joshua died, the Hebrew people had some very difficult times. They did not win victories over all of the tribes who worshiped false gods. Instead of continuing to worship the one true God, many of the Hebrews began worshiping false gods. Gradually, they forgot about the one true God who had helped them leave Egypt, where they had been slaves. Many Hebrews began to live wicked lives like the unbelievers who lived among them.

For about 400 years, God tried many times to show the Hebrews that they were missing the kind of life He wanted to give them. God did not turn from His great plan for the whole world. He was very patient with the Hebrews. Each time they disobeyed God and found themselves in big trouble, they turned back to God. Then God would forgive them and help them out of their trouble. God would select a believer among the Hebrews and help him become a strong leader who could guide the people back to Himself.

One of the strongest leaders that God chose for the Hebrews was named Samuel. God spoke through this man many times to give His message to the people. Samuel loved God and obeyed Him. However, one day the leaders of the Hebrews came to Samuel with a special request. They had observed that the tribes living around them had kings—men who lived in beautiful buildings, who looked handsome, rich and powerful and rode into battle in golden chariots pulled by beautiful horses. The Hebrews now wanted a king to lead them and not God. They wanted other people to see that the Hebrews also had a powerful man who could solve all of their problems.

Samuel was very disappointed when he heard the people’s request. He talked with God about what to do. God also was very disappointed. For a long, long time God had been showing the people His love, His power and His plan for His creation.


Read 1 Samuel chapter 8, verses 1–22.

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