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God's Love Letter #33

The thing that happened next in the life of the Hebrew people tells us something very important about our Creator God. When they insisted that they wanted one of their own men to be their leader instead of letting God be their Leader, God gave them what they chose. That was not what God had planned for them, but He did not force His plan on them. He allowed them to have a king.

God has shown us many times that He has a beautiful plan for all of the world, but He does not force His plan on any country or any person. He gives all people the privilege of choosing what kind of life they want—a life with God as the Leader or life with someone else as the leader.

Even though the Hebrew people made a great mistake in rejecting the one true God as their Leader, God still loved them and tried to call them back to Himself. With great patience, God tried to help the first king who was chosen as the leader of the Hebrews. However, the first king rejected God’s help. He loved himself more than he loved God. More and more, he made terrible mistakes as he led his people in the wrong way.

The second king of the Hebrew people was a much better man than the first one. However, the second king disobeyed God and did some terrible things. David, the second king, realized that he had disobeyed God after he had done those evil things, and he turned back to God for help. He asked God to forgive him. (Read Psalm chapter 51, verses 1–19.) God saw that David was sincere and truly wanted God to forgive him for the terrible things he had done. God did forgive David and made him like a new person.

God knows that every person on the earth has done evil things and has disobeyed His commandments. (Read Romans chapter 3, verse 23.) Just as He forgave the wrong things that David had done, He will forgive the wrong things that any person has done, if the person turns back to God and sincerely asks for help.


Read Isaiah chapter 45, verses 20–23.

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