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God's Love Letter #34

Great failure came to the Hebrew people during the life of their third king, named Solomon. God had helped these people become a rich and powerful nation under their second king. They had everything they needed. However, Solomon began to lead the people away from the one true God. They began to make many mistakes as they refused to let God show them the right way.

The Hebrew people began to argue with one another. They forgot that God had a wonderful plan for them. Instead of love, they began to hate one another. Then they began to fight one another. Soon enemy nations came and defeated the Hebrews in battle. The armies that defeated the Hebrews took them from the land God had given them. The Hebrews suffered many terrible things and were scattered over several other countries.

The one true God did not forget His plan. He continued to build a great nation of believers who would take His message of love to the whole world. He had chosen Abraham as His messenger, because Abraham believed in the one true God with all of his heart. The people in God’s nation would be believers, just as Abraham was. They would obey God, just as Abraham did. This new nation would be made up of people who had allowed God to change their hearts from hate to love.

To continue His work toward His goal, God selected individual persons who loved Him. He gave them special power and sent them out to demonstrate God’s love and God’s power to all of the people. He gave them His message to make clear to all of the nations. These special people were called prophets.

As God gave His message to these prophets, they explained what God was doing and what He was planning to do in the future. Then, God made the things happen that had been told by the prophets.


Read Daniel chapter 9, verses 1–10.

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