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God's Love Letter #36

It is a joy to write these weekly letters to you. It gives us a wonderful opportunity to examine once again the way God is developing His plan for the world. It shows us clearly that God’s power is greater than the power of anything He has created. When we realize how great He really is and how much He loves every person, we cannot help but choose to serve Him instead of a dead god. When we understand that His plan is the plan that will prevail at the end of the world, we lose our fear and doubts about the future.

God’s greatest desire is for all people to turn away from serving false gods and come to Him. From the beginning of the world, He provided the Way for people to be forgiven of the sins that separated them from Him. They could turn from following Satan and choose to follow Him. They could sacrifice a healthy animal or bird as a payment for their sins.

At the time chosen by God Himself, He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, to be the living thing that would be sacrificed for the sins of people. No longer would animals and birds be sacrificed, but now, Jesus Christ would give His life as the required sacrifice. His death on a cross would satisfy God’s requirement forever. This is what many prophets tried to tell the people of the world. This is the plan that God is following.

In the book of Matthew (chapter 1, verses 18–25), the birth of Jesus is described for us. Only God’s mighty power could have done a thing like this. From the beginning of the world, God had this plan in His mind. This plan seems best to Him, so it is foolish for the people He has created to try to make other plans—plans that are doomed to failure.


Read Philippians chapter 2, verses 5–11.

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