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God's Love Letter #37

Soon after Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the king of that area, who lived in Jerusalem, heard about it. He wanted to kill this baby. He was afraid that this child would become greater then he was. Jesus was quickly and secretly taken to the country of Egypt. Later, Jesus and His family moved to a small village in Israel named Nazareth. There Jesus grew up to be a man.

At the age of 30, Jesus left the home in which He lived, and He began the work that His Father in heaven had sent Him to do. It was very difficult for many people around Him to believe that He was the Son of God. He began to do miracles, things that only the power of God could do. He began to select 12 men to teach and train to do the work He was doing. He began to teach crowds of people. He worked each day to explain to people who God is, why God created the earth, what God wants each person to believe and to do, and what God’s plan is for the world He had created.

Jesus knew that His real Father was in heaven. He knew that His Father had selected a young lady named Mary to be His mother. Therefore, He and His Father were very close. He knew that people could not see His real Father, but they could see Jesus. He knew that everyone was watching Him each day, so He was very careful to think, say and do only what His Father told Him. He knew that His real Father had given Him the power to do miracles. His great desire was to obey His real Father in everything. His life on earth was to show everyone that His real Father had sent Him to the earth for a very important purpose.


Read Matthew chapter 4, verses 12–25.

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