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God's Love Letter #38

God’s plan for the world was moving ahead rapidly. For many years, He had been preparing the world to receive His Son and listen to Him. Since God is Spirit and cannot be seen with human eyes, it was good to be able to look at Jesus and see exactly what God is like. We learned from Jesus that the Father and the Son are together one true God. They are together in their power, their purpose and their love for all mankind. They live together. Jesus said to believe in Him is to believe in God, and to believe in God is to believe in Him, because He and God the Father are one person.

When Jesus teaches us, it is God who is teaching. They cannot be separated. Their values are the same. Their plan for the world is the same. There is not another true God, and there is not another plan that God has given us. This is what Jesus worked so hard to explain to the people wherever He went. Many men have claimed that they are God and that they have the right plan. (Read John chapter 10, verses 1–18.) Their words are not true.

It was not easy for Jesus to make His words clear to the people. Many times, He used stories to illustrate the truth of what He was teaching. This helped people to understand much better. He used stories about things that were familiar to those who were listening—things like fishing, farming, cooking, money, and eating.

Jesus also used miracles to show the people that what He was saying were things from God Himself. He raised up dead people, made blind people see again, healed sicknesses and diseases, made crippled people walk again and raised Himself up to life again after He had been crucified. At the end of His ministry on the earth, He rose up into the sky and disappeared. Many people saw the things Jesus did. Then they believed that He was really God who had come to live on the earth for a short time.


Read John chapter 20, verses 30–31.

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