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God's Love Letter #39

One of the most difficult things that Jesus wanted to make clear to the people is what happens inside of a person when he decides to believe that Jesus is truly the Son of God.

One night a famous teacher of religion in Israel came to visit Jesus. This man, named Nicodemus, was one of the rulers of the Hebrew people. He had been watching Jesus do many miracles and had heard the things Jesus was teaching. He could see that Jesus was not an ordinary man. He had the power of God with Him. But the things He was teaching were different from the things the religious leaders were teaching. He wanted Jesus to explain some things to him.

As the two men talked, Jesus reminded Nicodemus that every person must experience a change in his heart before he can be acceptable to God. It is a real experience, so different that Jesus called it “a new birth.” All that Nicodemus could think of was his own birth when he came from his mother’s womb. He was confused and told Jesus that he was an old man, and there was no way he could go back inside his mother and be born again.

Because Nicodemus was a highly educated, well-respected teacher among his people, Jesus was surprised that Nicodemus did not understand what He was talking about. He continued to explain that the heart of every person has become wicked and rebellious toward God. Before any person can have the right attitude toward God and toward other people, he must be changed. He cannot change himself. He must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and ask Jesus to make the necessary change in his heart. Then God performs the miracle in the heart of the new believer.

Nicodemus could not understand how this miraculous change could take place. Jesus patiently continued to explain in a way that would help this old man understand and help all people understand.


Read John chapter 3, verses 1–36.

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