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God's Love Letter # 4

It was a sad day when Adam and Eve broke their relationship with their Creator. Even though their Creator loved them very much, He had to punish them in order to teach them. He had to put them out of the beautiful garden He had prepared for them. He had to punish Satan also for causing Adam and Eve to disobey Him.

His punishment for Adam and Eve was to require them to leave the garden and to work hard cultivating the hard, rocky ground to grow their own food. Also in childbirth, Eve would have a painful experience.

His punishment for Satan was to require him to crawl on the ground in the form of a snake all of his life. His life would be a dusty, dirty one. He would always be an enemy to people who wanted to obey the Creator. Because he was also the enemy of the Creator, he would be destroyed completely at a time chosen by the Creator.

Because God, the Creator, loved Adam and Eve very much, He gave them the way to return to Him so that He could continue teaching them. Each time they disobeyed Him, they would be required to kill one of their best animals and offer the animal as a sacrifice to pay for their disobedience. In their hearts, they would be required to tell God that they were truly sorry for the bad thing they had done. Then God would accept them back into His own heart and restore the wonderful fellowship they used to have with Him.

The disobedience of Adam and Eve separated them from the holy God. But God, in His mercy, gave them the way to come back to Him so they could have a relationship with them again. They could return to God and be like His children again. He could continue to teach them and lead them into a happy way to live. They could avoid the punishment in the future that waits for Satan and Satan’s followers.

Read Ezekiel chapter 18, verse 4; and John chapter 3, verses 3–8.

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