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God's Love Letter #40

There in the night, Nicodemus was sincerely seeking some answers from Jesus. He had chosen to come at night so he would not be embarrassed by letting the Hebrew people see him. Also, at night, he could stay as long as he needed to ask questions.

Jesus wanted Nicodemus to understand how to have the experience of the “new birth.” He reminded this old teacher, who was already familiar with the things written in the Scriptures (the Bible), of an experience the Hebrews had had as Moses was leading them many, many years earlier. (Read Numbers chapter 21, verses 1–9.)

While following Moses, the Hebrews began to complain. They were angry at Moses and angry at God. As a punishment for the rebellious people, God sent poisonous snakes that bit many of the Hebrews. People began to die from the snake poison. The people came to Moses and cried for help against the snakes. Moses asked God for help. Then God told Moses to make the shape of a snake out of bronze metal and put it up on a pole. When a person was bitten by a snake, he could look up to the bronze snake on the pole and would not die.

It was not the bronze snake on the pole that healed the people who were bitten by the real snakes. It was the healing power of God that He promised to all who would obey Him.

As Jesus continued to explain the new birth to Nicodemus, He told Nicodemus that Jesus Himself would be lifted up on a wooden cross. He would give His own life to pay for the sins of all people. Everyone who looks to Jesus on the cross and accepts the healing power of God would not die spiritually. The miracle of the new birth would take place in the believer’s heart. In his heart, the believer becomes a person whose spirit is “born again.”


Read John chapter 3, verses 1–36.

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