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God's Love Letter #41

In the Bible, we learn that the peace that comes into our heart after we decide to put our complete trust in Jesus is from God Himself. Trusting in Jesus is the same as trusting in God. God, in His wisdom, has chosen Jesus as the Way through which this miracle will be done.

Many years ago, the prophet Isaiah said to the Hebrews, “If you are longing for a peace you do not have, come to God. When you are thirsty and hungry for this peace, turn to God. He will give peace to you, and you will not have to pay even one dollar. Why are you spending your money and your time on things that don’t really satisfy this longing? Listen carefully to God’s words, and take them into your heart. In them, you will find the meaning of your life on the earth. He will give you eternal life with Him.” (Read Isaiah chapter 55, verses 1–3.)

These words make it very clear that every person on earth needs the things that only God can give. This is the way He made us. The need for every person to have his wicked heart changed is a perfect example. The Bible tells us that the “new birth,” mentioned by Jesus as He talked with Nicodemus, does not come from special qualities inherited through your bloodline. It does not come by exercising your “will power.” It does not come by the command or order of any human being. It comes from God Himself. (Read John chapter 1, verses 12–13.)

The moment that any person decides to give his life to Jesus and learn from Him, God performs this miracle. The heart of the believer is changed forever, even though we don’t understand how God does it. From that moment on, he becomes God’s child and begins to learn from Him.

The new believer willingly accepts the fact that God wants to be our Teacher. He wants to take our thoughts, our talents, our location and our future into His hands. He wants to use every one of our experiences and situations as a “learning opportunity,” preparing us for the next step in life that He wants us to take. This is the way we “walk with Him” throughout our life and on into the home that He has prepared for us after we leave this world.


Read 2 Corinthians chapter 5, verse 17.

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