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God's Love Letter #42

When God the Son, Jesus Christ, began His ministry to people on the earth, He knew He must show people how to live, not just tell them. He was a grown man, about 30 years old, when He began His public ministry. He knew that God the Father would teach Him what to do and what to say. He went out alone to a desert place to stay for many days, so that God the Father could speak to His heart very clearly. For 40 days and nights, He did not eat food.

After this experience in the life of Jesus, He told us what had happened during this long time alone in the desert. After going without food for 40 days and nights, Satan had come and spoken to Him. Satan is clever and tries every way he can think of to make people disobey God the Father. He said to Jesus, “If you are really God the Son, You don’t have to go without food until You are very, very hungry. All you have to do is turn the stones all around you into bread. Then You can eat all You want. Your stomach will be full. Also, as you teach in many places, you can turn things into food, and all of the people will really believe You are God the Son. That will be a quick and easy way to cause all the world to follow You.”

Jesus listened to Satan’s idea, but then remembered what His Father had said in His Word, the Bible. His Father had said that the people on earth have been given God’s Word by which they can learn how to live a happy, useful life. They need much more than food to fill their stomachs. They need to let all of God’s words be a part of their life, so they can grow to be more like God. God has much to teach them—how to love God, how to love other people, how to reach out to other people, how to trust God instead of worrying, how to have their needs supplied, and how to understand more about the meaning of life.

Jesus resisted the temptation Satan had presented. He did not turn the stones into bread. Satan’s idea was defeated.


Read Isaiah chapter 55, verses 1–3, and Matthew chapter 4, verses 1–4.

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