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God's Love Letter #43

Satan continued to tempt Jesus to do the wrong thing. God’s desire is for the whole world to trust Him and obey Him. He wants to teach people how to have a good, happy life while they are on the earth. If Jesus failed to obey His heavenly Father, He would not be able to show people what God wants them to learn.

While Jesus, who is God the Son, was still in the desert, Satan gave Him another temptation. He told Jesus that an easy way to cause people to believe in Him is to do a great sensational act while the people watched—something like jumping off of a high building. If Jesus were really God the Son, then God the Father would keep Him from getting hurt when He jumped to the ground below. Then everybody would become believers in Jesus.

Again, Jesus listened to the words of Satan, but Jesus remembered something that God has said in the Bible and refused to follow Satan’s suggestion. God had said to all people that they should not do wild and foolish things just to show that God can protect them from harm. For example, God created fire to use for certain things. Fire can burn. People should not be foolish enough to stand in a fire to see if God will protect them from harm.

There are many physical laws that people must obey to avoid bringing harm to themselves. God expects people to obey these laws. However, He does help people in their troubles as they turn to Him and ask for help in their genuine needs.

Jesus knew that the reason we obey God is to learn how to live a useful, happy life by loving God and loving the people who live on the earth. Doing exciting, sensational things will not cause our hearts to love God and love other people. The only way any person can discover how to live a happy life is to surrender his life to God and allow Him to be his Teacher.


Read Matthew chapter 4, verses 1–11.

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