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God's Love Letter #44

We can learn much from looking at the bad things that Satan tried to get Jesus to do while He was alone in a desert place. First, Satan tempted Jesus by reminding Him that He could prove that He is really God the Son if He would change rocks into food to eat. Then the whole world would follow Him. Next, Satan told Jesus that He could get the whole world to follow Him if He would jump off a high building. He would land safely on the ground below, unharmed. Jesus refused to believe the lies Satan was telling Him.

Satan doesn’t quit easily. He hates God and is continually trying to encourage people to disobey God. He tried to tempt Jesus again and again. Next, he told Jesus that the whole world does not belong to God; it belongs to Satan. The people in the world do not want to obey God; they want to do every evil thing that comes into their minds. Satan controls them. Therefore, if Jesus would become a worshiper of Satan, Satan would give Jesus the whole world. Then Jesus would not have to work so hard to get people to follow Him.

Again, Jesus reminded Satan of the things God has told us. In His Word, the Bible, God says that we should not worship any god but Him. Worshiping any other god is wrong. There is no other god who made us, who loves us and has the power to help us have a happy, productive life. There is only one true God, and we should let Him be our Leader.

After Jesus told Satan these things that God has said, Satan went away. Then God sent His angels to take care of the needs of His Son. He was happy that His Son had not decided to follow Satan and wanted to obey only God the Father. We can see that following God is the only right thing to do.


Read Matthew chapter 4, verses 1–11.

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