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God's Love Letter #46

Jesus told us that when we see Him, we also see the Father. We are able to understand better that God can show Himself in more than one form. God the Father is God. God the Son is also God. They made the earth where we live and the planets in the sky we call stars.

The Father and the Son have always been together. They will always be together. The Spirit of God is also together with the Father and the Son. They are the one true God. That is why Jesus made it clear that God is a triune God—Three in One. They cannot be separated. Each One has a part in God’s plan. Therefore, we have three different personalities living as One Personality.

It was God’s plan from the beginning of the world that the Son, Jesus Christ, would come to the earth in human form for some specific reasons:

1. He would show us how God wants us to live.

2. He would teach us how to seek out individuals and explain to them their need for God in their lives.

3. He would teach us what is valuable and what is not valuable.

4. He would show God’s power in giving help to the blind, crippled, discouraged, and any other suffering person on the earth.

5. He would demonstrate that He is the Source of life. Trusting in Him assures a person that his spirit will live forever with God.

6. He would become the sacrifice to pay for the sins of all people. By dying on a cross, He would provide the Way for guilty individuals to avoid agonizing punishment eternally.

7. He would assure us that, for believers, God is making wonderful preparation for our home after we leave this earth.


Read John chapter 14, verses 1–4.

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