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God's Love Letter #47

While God the Son, Jesus, lived on the earth, He prayed to God the Father each day to guide Him in doing the work that God the Father wanted Him to do. The desire of Jesus was to please His Father and be obedient to Him. This gave us the pattern the Father wants us to follow also. Our purpose on the earth is to obey God and do the work He wants us to do. God loves all people very, very much. He wants to teach each one of us to love all people and spend our lives helping other people.

One of the great truths that Jesus explained while He was on the earth is that every person has already disobeyed God. This causes us to have big troubles. We don’t want to tell God that we have broken His rules. We feel guilty and do not want God to know what we have done. We try to work out the solution to our problems without His help. This does not change the fact that every one of us is guilty and deserves to be punished. Also, it does not change the fact that we have separated ourselves from God, the very One who loves us and can help us.

Unless we ask God for forgiveness and trust Him as Leader of our lives, we will have to suffer a horrible punishment forever. God the Son knew this. That is why He was willing to give His own life on earth as a payment for our wrongdoing. He allowed the wicked rulers to kill Him. That was God’s great demonstration of the love He has for all people of every country in the world. Jesus could have escaped the terrible punishment given to Him by the government authorities. But Jesus knew He was the only One who could give His life as a payment for the bad things we have done. He is the only person who never did a bad thing, the only person who has obeyed God always. He knew that His death was the best Way to show His love to people and to cause people to love Him and believe in Him.


Read John chapter 15, verses 1–27.

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