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God's Love Letter #48

Early in His ministry on the earth, Jesus announced what God the Father had told Him to do. He had prayed to God, and God had shown Him the kind of ministry He should have:

1. Tell people everywhere the Good News that God provides the Way for them to be forgiven of their sins—even the poor and discouraged who have no money.

2. Help people to be released from bad things in their lives that hold them like prisoners, separated from God.

3. Help people who are blind and cannot see any purpose in their life.

4. Help those who are being pushed down with fear, discouragement and lack of hope.

5. Help people understand that they do not have to wait for God to forgive them of their bad things. God is ready now to accept anyone who is sorry for his wrongdoing and opens his heart to allow Jesus Christ to come in and take control of his life.

This pattern of living that Jesus showed us is one that every person can follow, if his heart is with God. There are billions of people who still need to know the Good News that God provides the Way for them to be forgiven of their wrongdoings. Those who already have received forgiveness through Jesus should not waste any time in telling others about this Good News.

God is so great and His power is so strong, that He could do all of this work Himself. He would not need to have any of us go to other people to help them in their needs. But by accepting this challenging ministry of helping people find help in their needs, we discover something very important to our own happiness. The meaning of life becomes clear. Our attitude toward the world becomes better. Our love for God becomes greater.


Read Matthew chapter 28, verses 18–20.

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