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God's Love Letter #49

God the Father taught His Son every day so that He would say and do the things that are best for all people. There is a very close relationship between God the Father and God the Son. They exist as one true God.

It is also the plan of God the Father to teach all people. He wants all people to learn good things each day and do good things each day. He wants every person to use his time wisely. To do these things, God sent His Son as a Teacher to show and explain to people on the earth how we can work with God in developing His plan.

God understands that many different jobs must be done by people on the earth. Therefore, He gives every person, without exception, one or more special talents. Every person has work to do, so God gives each person the talents or abilities He wants that person to have.

As each person allows God to direct his life, God helps the person develop his talent or talents. If any person chooses not to follow God, he will waste his talents by using them in the wrong way. He will bring harm and sorrow to other people. He will miss his purpose for living on the earth. He will not have a part in helping others understand the meaning of life.

Because some people will love God, and other people will not love God, there must be a time of judgment for all the earth. Some people will honor God with their talents. Other people will dishonor God with their talents.

God has told us that Jesus Christ, God the Son, will be the Judge. Everyone must come before Him and account for the things God has given him. Only He knows what is in the heart of every person. Only He can judge fairly. The time of this judgment could come any moment. Only God the Father knows the day and the hour.


Read Matthew chapter 25, verses 1–46.

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