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God's Love Letter # 5

Even though God allowed Satan to continue to live, Satan will be completely defeated and destroyed. He and all people who choose to live by his words will suffer a terrible death. Every person is required to choose between following Satan or following God. Each individual must decide for himself if God is right or if Satan is right.

The children of Adam and Eve had to decide whether to believe God or believe Satan. No person is excused from this choice. The ones who choose to obey God will live a happier life on earth. The obedient persons will also be taken by God Himself to live in the special home He has prepared for believers after their life on earth is finished. Those who choose not to obey God will be sent to a place of suffering and pain after they leave this earth.

Adam and Eve’s first two children were boys. The first one born was named Cain. The second one born was named Abel. Their parents taught them to confess to God when they did something against God’s instructions and then make a sacrifice of one of their best animals.

The older son, Cain, did not want to obey God, but he made sacrifices when he did bad things (sin). He did not allow God to change his heart and forgive him. God could see this. The younger son, Abel, wanted to obey God, so he made animal sacrifices when he did bad things (sin). He was sincerely sorry when he did something to disobey God. God could see this also.

Cain worked primarily with plants. Abel worked primarily with animals. Cain began to see how God was bringing many good things to Abel. Cain became very jealous of his younger brother and killed him one day. Cain had chosen to listen to Satan instead of listening to God. God still loved Cain, but He had to punish him in order to teach him.

Read Genesis chapter 4, verses 1–16; and Matthew chapter 25, verses 31–46.

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