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God's Love Letter #50

Did you ever wonder how to begin allowing God be the Guide for your life? This is God’s desire for every person He creates—to be a loving parent to each one. He makes it clear in His Word, the Bible, how to begin this relationship.

Also given to each person is the power to make choices. Each day each person must choose whether to follow God and learn from Him or refuse to follow God and not be taught by Him.

Very early in life, every person begins to make bad choices. He chooses to love himself instead of loving God. He chooses to do things that God has said not to do. He rebels against God. He wants to do what pleases himself and not the things that please God. He chooses to do the same things that people all around him are doing.

Turning away from God does harm to us. Because of our disobedience, we no longer can have relationship with the holy God. We can no longer take in the spiritual food that God wants to give us.

Jesus came to the earth to show that God loves us by providing the Way of forgiveness. By realizing that we have turned away from God and by believing that Jesus is the living God who can help us, we will be given God’s Spirit. He and He alone can bring us life. His eternal life can be our eternal life also.


Read John chapter 11, verses 25–26.

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