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God's Love Letter #51

Giving a person His own Spirit is a wonderful gift from God Himself. We do not receive His Spirit as something inherited from our parents or by our own choosing or by some person giving it to us. It is a miracle that God performs in us when we open our hearts to Him.

The Spirit that God puts into a believer gives him the ability to talk directly with God. Just as God the Son talked with God the Father every day, the believer can talk with God the Father every day.

This activity of talking with God is called prayer. The believer cannot see God with his physical eyes. In his heart, he believes that God hears him when he talks with Him. It is like a conversation—talk, listen, talk, listen. God gradually teaches the believer when to talk and when to listen.

The one true God has shown us that He will listen to anything the believer wants to say. The believer can thank God for anything that God has done. He can ask God any question. He can ask God for help on any problem or difficulty. He can express his love for God. The more a believer prays to God, the more he learns to listen to God. The Spirit of God does not shout or scream. He talks with a quiet, small voice to the heart of the believer. In this way, God guides a person, shows him opportunities, teaches, gives assurance, and encourages.

One of the great rewards that come to a believer is the privilege of talking with God during times of prayer. Every day brings new challenges, opportunities and questions. It is very necessary for the believer to develop the habit of talking often with the Creator God. There is no need to worry, be afraid or be discouraged. God is always there to give the believer the help and encouragement he needs.


Read Matthew chapter 6, verses 1–14.

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