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God's Love Letter #52

It would take a long time to make a list of all of the good things that come to the person who has decided to allow the one true God to be his God and his Guide. Not only is the believer rewarded with eternal life with God, he is forgiven of his sins and will not receive the punishment waiting for those who reject Jesus and turn away from Him. There are also many other rewards.

A very valuable reward is understanding what is important and what is not important. Those people who refuse to allow Jesus to teach them work for the wrong things. Their whole lifetime, they dream of money, sex, fame, fine houses, beautiful clothes, expensive boats, power, and a thousand other things that will soon pass away. After getting many of these things, unbelievers are not happy or satisfied. They become very disappointed. Their lives are empty.

There is a better kind of life than that of an unbeliever. Jesus warns us that it is better to send treasures to heaven to be saved for us than to build up treasures here on earth. Each thing we do to bring honor to God is a treasure that a believer sends on to heaven, the place where God lives. God saves it for us. No thief can take it away. No rust or decay can destroy it.

The moment a believer passes away and leaves this earth, God takes him to God’s own home. There the treasures are kept. They will be there to bring eternal joy to the believer who sent them there and will bring joy to God’s heart.

This great truth is hidden from the eyes of the one who refuses to allow Jesus to come into his heart and give him a new life. The eyes of a believer are opened by God’s Spirit and the true value of things can be seen. Then, much wiser choices can be made concerning what to do with his life while he lives on the earth.


Read Matthew chapter 6, verses 19–24.

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