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God's Love Letter #53

There is yet another wonderful reward for that person who chooses to surrender his life to Jesus. It concerns the way people choose to live while on the earth. God does not want anyone to be afraid or fearful of life. His joy is to give assurance to the people He has created.

In teaching people the eternal truths of God, Jesus often used stories about things that are familiar to everyone. One illustration is about two different men who built houses for themselves to live in. One man was wise in the way he built his house. The other man was not wise. He was foolish in the way he built his house.

One man worked hard to build the kind of house he wanted. He selected a place that had a large rock or stone. It was big enough to be a good foundation for his house. He knew that strong winds blow sometimes and much rain falls sometimes. He wanted his house to be strong enough to remain firm and not be torn up during these bad times. So he built his house on the rock. Winds did blow very hard and much rain did fall at certain times. But his house remained firm and strong.

The other man did not stop to think before building his house. He selected a place that only had sand. He felt he could build his house quickly and cheaply on that piece of land. He worked hard to build the house he wanted. However, when the wind blew hard and much rain came down, his house fell down.

In everyone’s life, there are some very difficult days. All of us can look around us, and we can see that this is true. Those who love God and depend on Him will come through the bad days and be able to live happy, victorious lives. Those who do not love God and seek to grow in His strength will not have the strength and wisdom they need in the difficult days. They will come crashing down in defeat.


Read Matthew chapter 7, verses 24–29.

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