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God's Love Letter #55

If you could have been there on the day Jesus was crucified, you would have seen some strange sights. There were people from many countries who had come to Jerusalem for the special holiday called Passover. The powerful Roman army had soldiers there with their weapons. The Jewish leaders, who hated Jesus, had caused many, many people to shout and scream for Jesus to be crucified. The leaders felt that they would eliminate one of their big problems if they would kill Jesus. So they gave Jesus a terrible beating and then nailed Him to a wooden cross. Jesus hung on the cross for six hours before He died.

God the Father saw everything that was happening. The sacrifice of His Son for the sins of all people had been in His plan since the beginning of the world. Now that great moment had arrived. By giving His Son as a sacrifice for our sins, God the Father showed a love for us that was beyond description. He let the whole world see that this was His plan.

To help us see that this was truly His plan, God raised Jesus up from the grave. On the third day after His crucifixion, Jesus came alive again and showed Himself to many people. No other person has ever had power like this. Only the power of God could have done something this great.

God’s plan for the world was moving on toward its completion. After Jesus was raised from the dead, He remained on the earth for 40 days to teach and encourage His followers. Then, He left the earth as a large group of people watched Him. At that moment, one of God’s angels announced that Jesus would return to the earth at some unexpected moment. Jesus had told His followers many times that He would return, not as a sacrifice to be crucified again, but to be the Judge of all people.

Read John chapter 20, verses 1–31; and Matthew chapter 25, verses 31–46.

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