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God's Love Letter #56

The meaning of life on the earth becomes clearer as God’s plan continues to unfold. The one Creator God has a plan and a purpose for everything He creates. Throughout history, God has shown us more and more of His plan through special messengers called prophets—and other messengers called angels. He continued showing us His plan through His Son, Jesus Christ. Now He is continuing to explain things to us through God the Holy Spirit. He speaks to the hearts and minds of those who love Him and believe in Him. So we can now understand that God is living, He loves us, and the same one true God shows Himself to us in three ways—as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

God the Holy Spirit has revealed what is planned for us in the future. He spoke through one of His prophets named John. He showed John that the present world, where we live now, will be destroyed one day. It will no longer be here.

The new heaven and the new earth will take the place of the old ones. Only believers will be allowed to live in the new one, and God Himself will live there and will be the God of all of the people. The people who live in the new home will not have flesh and blood bodies like they have here on earth. There will be no sorrow, no sickness and no wicked living in the new home, which will be eternal—never ending.

Those who refuse to believe in the one true God will be sent to a place of eternal punishment. They will not be allowed to live in peace and a loving relationship with the Creator of all things. There will not be moving back and forth by the people who are being punished and those who are not being punished. There will be an eternal separation between the two groups of people.


Read Luke chapter 16, verses 19–31; and Revelation chapter 21, verses 1–27.

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