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God's Love Letter #57 (final)

This is the last letter in this series.As we complete these letters we are reminded of the question : “What is the meaning of my life on the earth?” In this series of letters, we have tried to search God’s Word, the Bible, to find the answer to this question. Little by little, as we examined many things that have happened in the history of the world, we saw a pattern that is consistently unfolding and is still unfinished. This is such a marvelous pattern that it shows the hand of a living Being who is far wiser and vastly superior than any human being. We call Him God.

In simple and brief form, we are trying to show that God does have a plan for the world He created and is personally active in carrying out His plan—a plan that cannot be stopped or defeated.

1. Each human being is created for the purpose of living with a close, loving relationship with the God who created him—like the relationship between a parent and child. Every child needs to be taught. God wants to be the Teacher and wants each person to be His student.

2. God is love, so the things He teaches emphasize love. The greatest thing we can learn to do is love. “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second one is equally important. Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Read Matthew chapter 22, verses 37–39).

3. God gives every person the talents He wants him to have. As the person allows God to be his Teacher, these talents are gradually developed, and new talents are added.

4. The talents God gives to people are varied enough to cover all of the needs among people—teaching, science, medicine, law, sports, construction, and thousands of other talents.

5. The motive behind all talents is to help people understand that there is a living, loving God who is always with us and stands ready to help in times of happiness, in times of sadness, in times of tragedy, and in times when things look hopeless.

6. In His wisdom, God has given every person the Way to come to Him and receive life that is loving and eternal—a life that shows faith in God and love for God. God Himself came to the earth in the form of God the Son. He gave His life to save people from a punishment reserved for those who have been disobedient toward God. By admitting our wrongdoing, showing sorrow for our mistakes, and accepting God the Son into our hearts by faith, our relationship with God is restored. Our relationship with Him becomes a loving relationship; and once again, we are like parent and child.

7. God is preparing a home, with Himself, for every person who believes by faith that He is the one true God. This home is ready and waiting for each person who has chosen to allow God to be his Leader.

8. Every person who refuses to allow God to be his Leader will be punished with an eternal punishment. He has rejected the God who loves him, and has refused to learn from Him and refused to let his life be filled with God’s love.

9. This physical body, this body of flesh and blood, is simply our house or home while we live on the earth. As we leave this earth, we do not need this physical body any more. God Himself takes us to the place that we ourselves have chosen—to be with God or be away from God, eternally.

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