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God's Love Letter # 6

When we look at Adam and Eve’s family, we can understand better that sin (our disobedience of our Creator’s wishes) is a big problem. It has been a problem since the beginning of the world.

Each person is made of flesh and bones, but he is also given a spirit like that of the Creator. The spirit needs a home in which to live, so the Creator gives it a body of flesh, bones and blood. We can see this body of flesh, but we cannot see the spirit.

The flesh and bones are only a temporary home for the spirit, which is our link with God, our Creator. It is our flesh that craves things that are against the kind of happy, fruitful life that our Creator wants every person to have. By trying to give the flesh all the comforts and pleasures it wants, we allow our spirits to become completely separated from our Creator. It is Satan’s plan to lead us to the point in life where we want only the pleasures of the flesh instead of a happy, healthy relationship with our Creator.

Many years passed after Adam and Eve lived on the earth. People increased in number. They lost their desire to know the Creator in a personal way. They were only interested in the pleasures of the flesh. Their evil lives made the Creator very sad. From morning until night every day, they thought of evil things to do. They failed to realize that without God in their hearts, they would only love themselves. God patiently waited for people to turn to Him and let Him teach them how to have a happy, useful life. They would not do it. Then God had to punish them so He could teach them.

It was necessary for them to learn that the Creator of the whole universe cannot allow the acts of evil people to defeat the plan He has created.


Read Genesis chapter 1, verse 26; Matthew chapter 26, verse 41; and 1 John chapter 3, verse 16.

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